Book a phone reading

$75/one hour. Email Susan here to schedule your reading.

Susan will read the cards for you, or for those who would like guidance learning how to read oracle cards for themselves, Susan will guide you to do your own reading with her using the

Dakini Deck.

Payment is due when you schedule your reading,

you'll receive PayPal instructions when you schedule.




about Susan

Susan Q Brown shares wisdom, inspired by more than 25 years of study in the traditions of Kundalini Yoga, part of the tantric tradition. The creation of her Dakini Deck and Book celebrates divine feminine mystery and she is devoted to art making, meditation, self-inquiry, dreams, nature as a teacher, and stewardship of Nectar Farm, her home, lush with gardens, goats, and wild inhabitants of forests, mountains and fields in Southern New Hampshire. 

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Dakini Deck Reading: How to Play With the Cards
Susan Q Brown

Dakini Deck Reading: How to Play With the Cards