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Susan Q Brown, Gong Bath, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation
Susan Q Brown, Gong Bath, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation
GONG BATHSusan Brown
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Sound is a vibrational frequency. It travels as a wave and goes into either our ear
or our body. When it goes into our ear if affects our brain, our nervous system,
our heart rate, and respiration. When it goes into our body it changes cellular
structure and effects our electromagnetic field. The ancients and modern physicists are in agreement that everything is in a state of vibration. Different frequencies resonate the chakras, which are energy centers of the body, but it is not only the frequency that creates effect but also the intention of the person making and receiving the sound. Frequency plus intent equals healing.


While we can't hear it, our cells actually make sound, so all of our cells are singing all the time within the audible spectrum, and cells respond to sound frequencies. Sound can encode and carry vibrations as well as consciousness. Sound is one of the ways to change brain states from beta, to alpha, to theta, etcetera. A few minutes of using sound: whispered, spoken, chanted or sung, with intention can change your state of awareness and is an effective meditation, a kind of prayer.




​The rich soundscape of wide harmonics during a gong bath induces relaxation and stress relief that does not require patience, discipline, or a learning curve. By merely lying down and listening to the harmonic frequency of a gong sound bath, a deep relaxation response is experienced, inducing a physiological response that includes lowered blood pressure and activation of the parasympathetic nervous system to relieve tension, stress and anxiety. A recorded gong bath creates a deeper introspection and altered state of consciousness than a live gong bath. This is a practice in receiving nourishment and healing for your body/mind. Just listen.



Find a comfortable space and posture for your body, such as lying down on your back with arms resting loosely at your sides, palms face up, feet are apart, with eyes closed. You may find that lying on one side with knees bent, or sitting on the floor or a chair, feels more comfortable. 



​Resonate harmonics in the room, or in your headphones, blend with each other, and the more frequencies you have, the more your brain is activated for a deeper altered state of consciousness. The gong is said to be the mother and father of sound, an echo of the original word that made the world. Unlike music, the sounds of the gong have no spaces between the “notes” and therefore our thoughts dissipate, leading to a positive, relaxing experience. Throughout time, the gong has been used as a potent symbol for the cosmos. The gong itself is a circle representing wholeness, the universe, and encompassing inner and outer sound.

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