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Nectar Farm 2018 


Nectar Farm is Susan and Aaron Brown's place for art in nature, on 35 beautiful acres with spectacular mountain views, fields, and quiet forests in Lyndeborough NH. We offer Yoga, Gong Immersions, Art Classes, Poetry Readings, Art Exhibits, House Concerts and more. Check back for dates and times, and for guest presenters to be scheduled.


Susan Brown, is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and author of the yoga book, “One Heart, Four Seasons.”

Her book is available at Spirit Voyage.  Aaron Brown is an artist and singer songwriter and rescuer of cows. 

Nectar Farm is available for lodging with Airbnb and HomeAway and VRBO.

Call or text Susan with any questions 603.546.5168. Nectar Farm is located at 251 Cram Hill Road, Lyndeborough, NH 03082



Gong Bath Meditation
Summer Workshops
at Mariposa Museum

Gong Bath at Nectar farm

Cost: $60 for 1-3 persons. By appointment.


251 Cram Hill Rd, Lyndeborough NH 03082

Bring a mat and blanket.



Join Susan Brown for the gift of deep relaxation! It’s Easy, just lie down on a yoga mat or sit in a chair. You relax while Susan plays the symphonic gong for 45 minutes. The sound vibrations help to balance your nervous system, boost your immune system, cleanse your subconscious mind and give you a rejuvenating relaxation. Plan on the session lasting one hour.

Susan, a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, draws on her 30 years of in-depth yoga & meditation practice to transport participants on a safe and gentle journey to help liberate emotional stressors and tensions.


Art Classes

Patrice Pinette & Susan Brown:                             Works & Words at Mariposa Museum, Peterborough NH

I think there is great mystery and power in the life of objects. ~ Susan Prince Thompson

SAT June 17, 9-12 Mysterious Life of Objects I              FRI June 30, 9-12 Flying Carpets                                 SAT JULY 15, 9-12 Mysterious Life of Objects II           WED July 26, 9-12 Elemental: The Magic of Mingling      SAT Aug 12, 9-12  Letting Light In                             WED Aug 23, 9-12 Mysterious Life of Objects III


Each workshop session will include writing activities inspired by writers from a variety of cultures and offer opportunities for collaborative wordplay as well as for deepening individual work. Two and three-dimensional art will incorporate many of the materials Susan Thompson used. Art making with mixed media will also reflect multi-cultural sources and feature surprising new connections. Suitable for beginning and professional artisrs and writers.


More info at

Register for workshops: 603-924-4555



Oil Painting

Dates TBA for 2018


Abstracting the complex landscapes in front of us with Susan Brown. Let the inspiration inherent in this place seep into our souls to be expressed in our own way. Nectar Farm is magnificent, half your work is done for you here.


-Solvent Free studio policy. Safflower oil is used to clean brushes.

-Photography is encouraged in order to collect reference for more paintings at home.


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