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What's Underneath

April 2nd: a foot of snow on the ground and the temperature is 50 degrees outside. Bright sun and sounds of dripping melting water compete with the clicking of my typing and I feel giddy!

In the photo above a 21 year old blueberry bushes look barren, but underneath all that snow is activity...a getting ready to bloom again, a getting ready to bud and flower and offer fruit to the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, mice, that very occasional bear, humans, and of course, me.

We know what will play out for the blueberry bush, barring some unforeseen insect or weather catastrophe, and just like this bush each one of us has a summer all ready to burst out, which can feel both predictable and mysterious at the same time... what lies underneath that feeling of knowing wondering expecting predicting clueless anticipation or dread?

We don't know. But we can feel that it is already formed in its formlessness. Can't you? For me it feels like a solid form that is invisible - and that sounds weird - but really if you reach into the feeling you can grasp the future and hold it with your imagination and either watch it unfold or petition it like hell to change course. I am of the mind this Spring to watch it unfold, the invisible solid form feels exciting and I am looking forward to the lighter brighter days, and the feel of my bare feet on the cool brown earth. And the challenges, I know, will be thrown in like the full spectrum seasoning of a really good curry.

I look at the snow covering the stones and blueberry bush and I see exquisite packaging, a present covered with nourishing mystery. An impossibly electric sky is the blue ribbon, and the dripping rhythm of melting melting melting is a promise, come what may.



"Happiness" oil on canvas, 10x10 inches, 2017 SQB

To buy it right from this website, go to the Paintings Page.

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