Guild Sourcebook of Art Cover #24
Phoenix_RI Installation
First Sculpture Installation of 2016
Order I
Google Map Paintings
Wherever You Are #2
Green Cow Detail
Tuscany Clouds #I
Tuscany Clouds #2
WaterFlows_Detail_morning light
WaterFlows_Detail: Steel and Resin

Susan Brown and Aaron Brown are professional artists who make art for public spaces.

You may choose to commission one or both artists to make compelling art that

has many avenues from which the viewer may enter.


Exterior artwork will interact with the environment, be it sunlight, hoar frost, snow, or webs.

Our sculpture is an uplifting visual that will provide a landmark for viewers to interact with. 

Graphically the art will read from a distance and up close. These pieces will be engineered

to be sturdy, safe, and appropriate for the site and climate conditions.


We have dedicated our life's work to creating space: outwardly in the form of sculpture, painting,

print-making, glassworks, woodworking and installation; and inwardly via the study of yoga and

meditation, music, writing and by teaching art. We work in a variety of techniques and media.

We work with color, pattern, texture, form, light and sound. We work in a wide variety of processes,

methods, and materials in order to translate your project’s intentions into the most engaging and

interactive forms.


We invite you to be present to the inspiration and possibilities available to us. The art will integrate

with the space, taking us by the hand . . . . alive . . . . welcoming.