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Diego Sharon "Sunset" Painting

"Sunset" acrylic on canvas, 4x4 inches. Diego Sharon

The GoGo campaign for Nectar Farm is launched!! SO many great perks, like the gorgeous painting above, which Diego painted while inspired by Swami's Beach in Encinitas CA. Thanks to Diego for helping us launch Nectar Farm! Our Indiegogo crowdfunding link: Please share it! We can't do this alone... All the perks are fantastic, you can see them in the campaign, and any amount you give, even $5 is gratefully received and will be put to good use...Already people are stretching our idea of community offerings at Nectar! Just yesterday, we received requests for mother & daughter art and yoga mini-retreats, and art and meditation gatherings for adult children & aging parents. Art in nature and contemplative practices are at the center of it all here at Nectar...and check this out, a local goatscaper offered to bring her goats from time to time, just so we can all hang out and be with those sweet and furry sentient beings. And Nectar Farm is now an Airbnb starting in September!

We want more suggestions from you . . . what kind of offerings would you like to participate in? And if you are a teacher or presenter and you'd love to offer an uplifting program, send us a message!! With your help we can think outside of the box and stretch our imaginations to grow Nectar Farm into an amazing resource!! xoSusan The whole story here:

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