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Mermaid Grasps the Bull By the Horns

"Has" the bull, "holds" the bull, "grasps" the bull... I have started a new painting. The imagery is of a young mermaid with her hands around the horns of a young bull. The surface is a panel, 4x4 feet masonite; I am using oil paint.

I chose the word "grasps" instead of "has' or holds" within the title of this post because the young mermaid has her hands on perceiving, she grasps a crescent moon-shaped outgrowth imparting both live-giving and life-destroying energy, and she wants to ride it!

Many believe the bull is able to communicate directly with the gods, and in my painting the young mermaid, as an expression of intuitive soul is playfully enjoying her own capacity for rebirth and renewal, absorbing wisdom while breathing air or water.

Communicating with the gods may be enlightening or feel like pure nonsense or a mixture ... stubborn anger contorts wisdom into bullshit ... the watery soul helps one to navigate away from or directly into seductive paths leading to delusion.

Playfully, the journey is illuminated with a companion, whether traveling on four legs or a fish's tail. When her hands grasp substance and his feet connect to the earth, their hearts and imaginations become a vessel, in this case, for my painting.

P.S. And more personally, the mermaid and the bull, for me represent my two grandchildren, Naia, a Pisces (3 years old) and Sage, a Taurus (almost a year old.)

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