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Dakini Deck Readings on YouTube

Why in the world would you do a Dakini Deck Reading? I can't answer that for you because your experience of actually doing a reading is the "why." So I have decided to make videos of me playing with the cards to illustrate "how" it is done, but the experience is something that must be felt by you and the benefit grows with each reading. So I hope the videos on my YouTube channel inspire you to buy the book and deck so you can have an experience for yourself and I'd love to hear about it in the comments. I use the word "play" because it really is exactly that! When we play we are relaxed, we feel safe and we feel the anticipation of discovering something good and fun. Doing a reading with friends is a blast and unleashing intuition is a benefit for everyone playing with The Dakini Deck Book and deck. Here is a video of me doing a reading with a friend. I am trying to grow my channel so please like, subscribe and share, thank you! I'll keep making videos that show you new ways to play. xo Susan

P.S. I wrote the Dakini Deck Book after my long enthusiasm with everything mystical and intuitive, convinced that there is more to life than our five senses... First, I wrote The Dakini Deck Book, published by Austin Macauley, and then I made the book's companion, The Dakini Deck, to share what I discovered with others. I am excited to combine the wellspring of my experiences as an artist, and long-time yoga teacher having done thousands of tarot readings to make ancient yoga wisdom accessible for all. The deck and book are sold separately, each can be used alone but together they are even more dynamic!

The Dakini Deck Book is sold at all major booksellers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble and it guides you step by step to start doing readings right away, so you can "pick" cards using the book. Buy the Book The Dakini Deck is a compliment to The Dakini Deck Book and can be ordered directly from me here: Buy the Cards

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