Deck and Book are sold separately
The Dakini Deck is the creation of artist, author, and yoga teacher Susan Q Brown. 


The Dakini Deck can be worked with in a similar way as tarot, but with more freedom for personal interpretation that boost daily self-inquiry using creativity, meditation, journaling, and other intuitive practices.

The Dakini Deck is an intuitive oracle deck. It can be worked as an oracle guide, as a daily tool for reflection and meditation, or in tarot-inspired spreads. The Dakini Deck comes in a beautifully designed sturdy paper box. Each deck is complete with 30 cards + guide booklet, and is infused with love and prayers. Intuition is awake awareness, which reveals truth or something close to truth, wisdom.      


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    After my long enthusiasm with everything mystical and intuitive, convinced that there is 

    more to life than our five senses... I wrote The Dakini Deck Book, published by Austin

    Macauley, and then I made the book's companion, The Dakini Deck, to share what I

    discovered with others.  I am excited to combine the wellspring of my experiences as an 

    artist, and long-time yoga teacher having done thousands of tarot  readings to make ancient

    yoga wisdom accessible for all. The deck and book are sold separately, each can be used

    alone but together they are even more dynamic!

    - Susan Q. Brown, author & artist






The Dakini Deck Book will give tools to use with intention to unleash the magic within us all. If you feel called to know this power, we invite you to use this book as a daily tool to help you look inward for the answers you seek. Included are 15 easy meditations that everyone can benefit from. Susan decided to call on dakinis, which is awareness carrying the force of intuition. Playful and wise, associated with feminine enlightenment of non-duality, dakini wisdom is available to all genders. Messengers, guides and protectors, the dakinis symbolized as sky-dancers, remind us that subtle states lead to a bigger imagination for freedom from suffering.

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I am excited to offer Dakini Deck Readings! See below for details

You can now own prints of the paintings used in the deck and book,

on fine art paper or canvas. Order here: Prints of Dakini Deck Paintings


Dakini Deck Readings 

Personal Dakini Deck Reading with Susan Q Brown via ZOOM or E-mail to help you look inward for the answers you seek.

ZOOM Dakini Deck Readings $65/30 minutes or $125/one hour. Email Susan here to schedule your reading on ZOOM. Payment is due when you schedule your reading with Susan, she will give you PayPal instructions and once payment is received Susan will email you the ZOOM meeting link. Video Recording of your reading is included.


E-MAIL Readings $95 Choose from one of two readings below when you check out using the PayPal Button. You are invited to ask a question (Optional) during check out. Susan will email your reading to you within 1-3 days business days of receipt. Your PDF reading transcript includes a cover page, the reading (at least 1200 words,) and a photo of the card reading.


Four Cards x2

  The four cards x 2 spread (8 cards) is used to choose an issue and discover hidden obstacles that channel you away from your 

  path; also to reveal your true path and where it will lead. 


  If you don’t have a specific question the first card I draw for you defines the issue. The second card is the challenge. Third card is 

  the path and the forth card is where the path will lead. I will pull four more cards, one for each position to help clarify the reading. I

  use my intuition for which deck to use for clarification, either The Dakini Deck or The Rider Waite Deck. 


Nine cards

  This spread is used when you want to imagine ahead into the future or understand the past, using the eight phases of the moon for



  The first cards signifies you. The second card represents the beginning of a situation, project, relationship, etc. The third card 

  illuminates how the situation is developing. The fourth card indicates the growing influence gaining momentum. The fifth card

  reveals where there is ‘no turning back.’ The sixth card displays the fullest expression, the most you can achieve in the situation. 

  The seventh card highlights retreating influences. The eighth card shows what longs to remain. The ninth card shows what is no

  longer of use before the next cycle. My intuition will direct me to pick additional cards for clarification when necessary. 

About your E-MAIL reading 

  I work from my beautiful art studio at home. My space is quiet, light filled and very peaceful. Our place is located on 35 acres of

  fields and forests overlooking 7 mountains. We abut protected land, which serves as a wildlife corridor and we often see moose and

  deer, and even the occasional bear! To begin your reading, first I meditate for a few minutes, and then I focus on your name and

  any question you may have asked. I empty my mind while I shuffle the cards. Once I turn the cards over the reading flows from my

  intuition and I type it all up as I go for your PDF reading transcript. I have found that the written reading is a wonderful tool for

  meditation and insight right away and also is valuable to refer to later on. Check out my YouTube videos below and watch me do a





by Aaron

I love this book! It is an extraordinary synthesis of oracle wisdom and fine art. Each of Susan's exquisite paintings is coupled with its own “reading”, each ending with a koan-like a question. While the book is designed to be used as a stand-alone oracle, I am looking forward to when the companion deck of cards is released in July 2020!

by consumer X (Amazon)
Susan Q Brown is the type of author that can open your mind, heart and spirit. I want to gift this book to every friend I have! The wisdom and worldly knowledge that this author shares with us is a gift to our spirits. She is a very gifted artist and she shares her exquisite oil paintings with us as well. I am always in search of works which inspire self awareness. Susan's work accomplishes this.


                              Photo credit: Liesl Clark Photography

by Lyedie

Wow! This wonderfully mischievous and radically important new book gives us a chance to invite Dakini energy into our lives. This aware, feminine, luminous, subtle spiritual energy is necessary in these times. This little / big book and the accompanying cards are a rare treasure of beauty and wisdom. I’m looking forward to taking my time getting to know these essential guides and allies. Thank you, Susan for offering this to all of us in these exquisitely uncertain times. The Dakini has most certainly unleashed her wisdom through you!


by Patty

Beautifully written!! Love this book so much. The art is amazing!! Having fun doing readings and getting to know each and every card.



 by Lisa

Susan is my dear Aunt and one of the most beautiful Souls I know. Her artwork is amazing and the Dakini Deck Book takes it to a whole other dimension! I just received my copy and I LOVE it. It’s inspirational, thought-provoking and so beautiful to look at over and over again. The concepts can be applied to so many facets of one’s life! A real treasure that I am so grateful to finally have a copy of! 

by Kim

I received my Dakini Deck and pulled my first reading. 💕Thank you Susan! I Love holding your beautifully created images in this meaning filled and thought provoking way. For those who might be interested this deck is a creative way to approach life's questions and open the intuitive/creative space. Not so much fortune telling but rather it provides a path to open your mind to new and different lenses through which to see and frame life. Susan is an intuitive creative goddess! There is a book, too!

by Christine
I find your Dakini Deck Readings so elegant and compassionae and open!!!

Explore the Dakini Deck through Susan Q Brown's readings on Youtube

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