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a contemporary art deck for the oracle card enthusiast

or beginner, that makes it easy to do a reading 


The Dakini Deck is art, oracle, symbology that reaches

beyond our 5 senses 


You'll find all you need to use this deck as an oracle guide, a tool for reflection and meditation, or in tarot-inspired spreads. The deck comes in a beautifully designed sturdy paper box, complete with 30 cards + guide booklet. 


After doing thousands of tarot readings using many types of decks, Susan has made her own deck inspired by her love for teaching yoga and art professionally for more than 30 years.


And there's a book, too, so you can go deeper.

 The Dakini Deck Book is an inspired and insightful read. Susan gives the reader many ways to interact with each contemporary art image.  


Included are 15 easy meditations that everyone can benefit from.


Book a phone reading

$75/one hour. Email Susan here to schedule your reading.


Susan will read the cards for you, or for those who would like guidance

learning how to read oracle cards for themselves, Susan will guide you

to do your own reading with her using the Dakini Deck.


Payment is due when you schedule your reading,

you'll receive PayPal instructions when you schedule.




About Susan

Susan Q Brown shares wisdom, inspired by more than 25 years of study in the traditions of Kundalini Yoga, part of the tantric tradition. The creation of her Dakini Deck and Book celebrates divine feminine mystery and she is devoted to art making, meditation, self-inquiry, dreams, nature as a teacher, and stewardship of Nectar Farm, her home, lush with gardens, goats, and wild inhabitants of forests, mountains and fields in Southern New Hampshire. 



I received my Dakini Deck and pulled my first reading. 💕Thank you Susan! I Love holding your beautifully created images in this meaning filled and thought provoking way. For those who might be interested this deck is a creative way to approach life's questions and open the intuitive/creative space. Not so much fortune telling but rather it provides a path to open your mind to new and different lenses through which to see and frame life. Susan is an intuitive creative goddess! There is a book, too!
Kim, Artist, Yoga Teacher


See how your favorite prints look . . .

in a room at many different sizes, framed and unframed.

             To own prints of the paintings used in the deck and book,                on fine art paper, canvas, metal and more click here:

 Prints of Dakini Deck Paintings with Fine Art America


by Aaron (artist, musician)

I love this book! It is an extraordinary synthesis of oracle wisdom and fine art. Each of Susan's exquisite paintings is coupled with its own “reading”, each ending with a koan-like a question. While the book is designed to be used as a stand-alone oracle, I am looking forward to when the companion deck of cards is released in July 2020!

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