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The Dakini Deck of 30 oracle cards uses ancient yoga wisdom and Susan Brown's oil paintings for a creative way to approach life's questions. This app makes it easy and fun to do a reading! And you can save your results for future reference. For mobile & desktop.

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ancient yoga wisdom in a deck for the oracle card

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Susan Q Brown, Dakini Deck, Oracle Cards, Dakini Deck Book

The Dakini Deck is art, oracle, symbology that reaches

beyond our 5 senses 

You'll find all you need to use this deck as an oracle guide, a tool for reflection and meditation, or in tarot-inspired spreads. The deck comes in a beautifully designed sturdy paper box, complete with 30 cards + guide booklet. 


After doing thousands of tarot readings using many types of decks, Susan has made her own deck inspired by her love for teaching yoga and art professionally for more than 30 years.


I received my Dakini Deck and pulled my first reading. 💕Thank you Susan! I Love holding your beautifully created images in this meaning filled and thought provoking way. For those who might be interested this deck is a creative way to approach life's questions and open the intuitive/creative space. Not so much fortune telling but rather it provides a path to open your mind to new and different lenses through which to see and frame life. Susan is an intuitive creative goddess!

Kim, Artist, Yoga Teacher


Susan Q Brown shares wisdom, inspired by more than 25 years of study in the traditions of Kundalini Yoga, part of the tantric tradition. The creation of her Dakini Deck celebrates divine feminine mystery. Susan is devoted to art making, meditation, self-inquiry, dreams, nature as a teacher, and stewardship of Nectar Farm, her home, lush with gardens, and wild inhabitants of forests, mountains and fields in Southern New Hampshire. 



Email Susan here for details

Susan uses the Phases of the Moon Spread, which is a  9 card spread used to imagine ahead into the future from the present moment, while understanding the past, using the eight phases of the moon for guidance. You will receive by email your reading and images of the cards Susan picked. Cost: $90 via PayPal or Venmo. Allow 3 business days to receive your reading.


Some would say Dakini is a female messenger embodying enlightenment, an actual woman or an energy being.

Other accounts claim that gender is not the point and that Dakini transcends all duality. She dances in the sky and participates in the finite and infinite realms with wisdom, playfulness, compassion and legendary wrath.


It is thought that Dakini’s wrath can be terrible, riding through the night on the backs of wild animals representing the lunar, shadowy, frightening realms belonging to the cycle of death and rebirth of the material world.


Dakini also appears in the sunny, celestial light of formless nature of wisdom-mind. As presence and openness; she is creative, radical, courageous and the poster child for the intuitive force.

Real woman? Goddess energy? Transcender of gender identity? A reconciliation of opposites, creating an enlightened presence that we are all a part of?


In some traditions, it is believed to be essential, to invite the Dakinis into human life, because Dakinis are an important feature of the aware feminine and necessary to enter the luminous, subtle, spiritual energy of the unconditioned state. And they are the ones to call on, to get things done in the physical world.


Dakini figures are found in recorded history as far back as pre-Aryan civilisations emerging in Indian Tantras and then in Tibetan Buddhism. Dakinis can be found in Chinese and Japanese traditions too. Dakinis have made their way into the western psyche and thankfully, she is never far away.


“What is a Dakini? The above description is my best attempt at my understanding of what Dakini means and how I have used this understanding for the Dakini Deck. The more I research Dakini, the more paradoxical the definition becomes, and the meaning for me keeps evolving.” Susan


The imagery for the 30 paintings in the deck was inspired by Susan’s love for practising and teaching yoga and meditation and making art professionally for more than 30 years.

Each image can be used directly from these cards as a visual prompt to activate the imagination and intuition. The text Susan has created to accompany each card draws from universal wisdom found in Yoga, Tarot and Dakini traditions worldwide.



“It was the late 70’s in Martha’s Vineyard. My friend, Cindy, called me because she had a crush on Viviane, a beautiful raven-haired witch from Paris. And she wanted to know if I would go with her to a tarot class Viviane was giving that night in Vineyard Haven, a cemetery at midnight? It all sounded so scary and weird and wildly mysterious but since Cindy really didn’t want to go alone, I said yes! And there we were, blown away, sitting on the still warm earth under watchful trees, their leaves softly active... and above us, lacy clouds moving in front of a tremendous stationary full moon. We sat and learnt, wide-eyed, next to generations of gravestones. Since that night I have done thousands of readings, never again in a graveyard, from various decks for friends and myself.” - Susan

Check out Susan's YouTube Channel and watch her do an example reading here

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