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151 page REVISED and UPDATED paperback book
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Foreward by Jery Whitworth


In One Heart, Four Seasons, Susan Quaglia Brown draws from her 35 years of in-depth Yoga and meditation practice to demystify kundalini yoga. Out from under its previous misleading portrayal, Susan skillfully frames kundalini yoga as a valuable tool to assist individuals through difficult situations and challenges one faces. Assisting the physical body to surrender and release its blockages and pain, yoga aids in fighting fatigue, helps to overcome and transition through illnesses, increases flexibility and strength, and enhances the immune system.


Susan's kundalini yoga teaching approach uniquely sets itself apart from others. Ms Brown is keenly aware of varied differences in body types and levels of expertise in those exploring her method. Her flexible coaching style ‘strives for perfection while meeting you where you are at’ on your own individual journey. Providing many variations towards an optimal pose, Susan’s wide range of options lead the reader not only towards ways to incorporate this practice into daily life, but also how to derive a wide range of mind, body, spirit and energetic benefits.


In Susan’s approach, yoga sets and meditations are coordinated with the Four Seasons to synchronize ones body and mind with the cycles and vibrational energy of Nature resulting in a deepening of the process. In this heightened state of focused awareness, where quieting of the monkey mind chatter occurs, the participant/reader is transported on a safe and gentle journey of self-exploration which soothe and liberate emotional stressors and tensions.


Whether you are new to kundalini yoga, or a seasoned veteran of its practice, a high degree of consideration and attention to all levels of experience is present in Ms. Brown’s teaching. Her unique instructional approach reshapes ‘standards or goals of perception that are exclusive’ into an approachable and tangible practice for all walks of life, body types, and ages.


Within Susan’s insightful and mindful book awaits numerous rewarding possibilities. There could be no better time than now to EXPERIENCE the experience of Susan Brown’s kundalini yoga heart-felt teachings.


Jery Whitworth is the owner of Integrative Health Care Resources NYC and was the Co-Founder and Exec Director, Dept. of Complimentary Medicine Services at NY Presbyterian Hospital.


Susan Q Brown, Kundalini Book, Yoga, meditation
About One Heart’s Evolution


I wrote One Heart Four Seasons: Kundalini Yoga in 2010 and let it go out of print two years later. Why would I do that? My book had received the Kundalini Research Institute’s (KRI) Seal of Approval and it got great reviews from several master teachers of kundalini yoga. I wanted my book out of print — and walked away from it — because I believed the stories were true. Outrageous stories that had been circulating, although on the periphery of the yoga world, about the 3HO kundalini yoga inner circle for years — stories about their founder and teacher — accounts of him deceiving and abusing his followers while calling himself a great yogi. And although I never met him, my book was certified by his KRI organization.


Holy bad dream! My book was published right when the horrific stories became widely accessible and google-able, but still there was no room for dissent or discussion in this powerful global yoga community, which functioned as a cult. Thankfully, the book, White Bird in a Golden Cage, by Premka, came out in January of 2020 and overwhelming response to her courageous inner-circle truth-telling was mind-numbing: hundreds of stories by victims of institutional, systemic, physical, sexual, financial and emotional abuse were revealed. The resulting 3rd party investigation and reports into the allegations were devastating to read, especially regarding the children, and the accounts were deemed credible by the independent investigation.


So why am I excited to rewrite my book? Because kundalini yoga practice is powerful, and it works! As a yoga teacher and artist unbound by any commercial copyrighted organization, I’m writing about what I’ve experienced at the Heart of kundalini yoga’s integral path where feminine mystery permeates the teachings, connecting Universal power with the finite body-mind. One Heart, Four Seasons offers the fullness of kundalini yoga practice free from patriarchy. Ancient experience of the Divine Feminine neutralizes patriarchy. It is empowering to know how to intuitively breathe, move, and vocalize from the heart in rhythm with the seasons of nature. This yoga practice leads to transformation and integration because it strengthens your intuition. Intuitive mind has no duality. It is the gateway to experience your true self, which is bliss.

Susan Q Brown, Kundalini Book, Yoga, meditation
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