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Thank You to Backers!

By taking the time to support this project you've made a statement to the world that you support art, nature and community. Thank you from Nectar Farm!

Anonymous Evan Coronis

Sean Coronis

Diego Sharon

Patricia Quaglia

Lyedie Geer

Allison Cekala

Karen Crockett Shadabegian

The Healing Box

Shelby Funk

Rich Konkol/Ironwillow Farm

David Lancaster

Lynne Dominic


Don & Teri Thomas

Carol Hess

Joseph Labrie

Patrice Pinette

Deborah Enright

Kyle Oliver and Chris Cooke

Pamela Thornhill

Michael Trane

Lynn Reilly


Donna Nelson Duey

John Trostel

Jean Pascal Monzies

Brenda McMorrow

Rick Thompson

Brainard Carey


Lauren Forcella

Sophie Goodenough

Ann Blanchard

Cheri K Falk


Paul Schnizler

Kathleen Chapman

Theo Groh

Timothy Marks

All Island Outdoor Power

Rhona Watson

Hampstead Stage Company

Paula Hess

Paula Kimball

Jessie Pollock (In memory of Susan Prince Thompson)

Sandra Kinney

Laryssa Robideau

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