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Why Now?

An email yesterday from my dear friend nailed it. - "finally making your art sanctuary" - what is it that has compelled me for years to dream, plan, vision, hope, and long for the taste and experience of a place, "my place," for art and beauty and kickass experience with amazing people to play and grow and wonder and heal and share stuff you could never make-up or dream up . . . ever? Finding ways together to give back . . . Something is doing we don't know what! And that something propels me out of bed, and that same something prevents me from getting out of bed some mornings - and I am obedient to it, how can I not be? Aren't we all responding to a mystery unfathomable?

And so here I am with a place on the planet, 35 acres with fields, and quiet forests and a natural spring and mountain views that I want to share with other beings who are curious, and who have an irrepressible longing for deepening their connection to wild places in nature. So I am launching Nectar Farm. I am excited to see what I can learn from her, from the Divine Essence of a place. I want to listen to the wind and the soil and the flowers and trees and clouds - to learn some of their secrets. Drink in some of that nectar . . . with people and the sentient beings that reside there.

P.S. For those who know me, you might be wondering . . . will Aaron and I live at Nectar? No, we will still live a mile away to be on the same property as his mom, she's now 85. At Nectar Farm I will hold classes and events, happenings and house concerts, etc. - and offer Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO lodging starting in September!

The whole story is here: Please share!

Here's the email that inspired this blog post:

Hi Susan, I've been thinking of you. Glad you wrote. So you are finally making your art sanctuary! I would be happy to donate. Talk soon! Love, A

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