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Beginning Berries!

I have been dreaming and visioning for the brambles tangled up with saplings - that are choking the decades old blueberry bushes - to go away! But they are formidable, and the blueberry bushes are not getting enough light. I hired someone to help me clear the field one day a week, but that is an extravagance right now, so I decided to just do this myself!

What is astonishing to me is that this work is energizing me: my arms are not sore, my back is not sore, my lower calves are not sore, but they are criss-crossed with red scratches. When I enter the field, I silently chant a yoga chant to myself pretty continuously for the 2-3 hours I am working. My stamina is incredible, so much so that I think the energy from the earth and trees, rocks and sun and sky are helping energize me; and they are whispering delightful inspiring thoughts in my mind. Some traditions call the energy and alive awareness in nature, Devas.

This is a goal of mine; this deep new burgeoning thrill of stewardship and working with Devas at Nectar Farm, has invited me to listen. I want to listen to EVERYTHING. I am noticing the pulling feeling of a tree, wanting me to feel its bark . . . this is more than my wanting to touch a tree - this is me getting quiet enough to hear/sense these beauties in nature. And it is happening! I can feel the subtle energy/awareness of growing things . . . and rocks, too are actively trying to get my attention. It's one thing to read about this, but really, Who knew?!

Stay tuned . . .

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