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Sweaty and Happy

Once I decided that resourcefulness was my greatest resource, I decided to get to work and clear the field myself. A potential donor to our Nectar Farm GOGO campaign asked me what would happen if we didn't make our goal? It was important for her to know! So I replied that things would happen more slowly. And it's true, but that's OK! Of course, there is always something to do, so if you were thinking of making a big donation, please do! But seriously, Spending the time and clearing saplings and brambles myself, rather than hiring someone to do it has great benefit, as I am finding out...and while some things can be subbed out, this project is clearly mine!! I know this field, overgrown as it is, I know what lies hidden, I know where the blueberry ground cover is, I know where the quartz rocks are, and how the underground spring flows. And once I decided that I wanted to collaborate with the nature beings of Nectar Farm, well, they have a lot to say, and it takes me time to hear it! For example, today, as I was clearing, I was thinking about a question someone asked me yesterday. She asked, "What will you do with the blueberries? Will you have a pick-your-own kind of place?" I told her that I didn't know! I wanted to clear the brambly obstructions away and see all the berry bushes. I wanted to see what was there! I wanted to see a field of blueberry bushes. And then in the fall we would prune, fertilize, mulch, etc.

But today, as I took in the beauty of each recovered berry bush standing gracefully in the sun, a thought - like a knowing command - "told" me to offer the berries to the local food pantry. Invite the local school kids to pick them and deliver them...with the fruit, too... I imagined dwarf fruit trees in the sunny open part of the field where no blueberries are growing. I always wanted to plant a small orchard...and it will be perfect in that spot! And the fruit will be freely enjoyed by friends, guests, and local families.

It is a wild field, like a secret garden, on the edge of a dark quiet forest on one side, with glimpses of mountain views in the distance on the other. I love it there. And it will probably take me a month to clear it, rather than a few days if I hired a crew of landscaping professionals. And that is fine with me... especially since it has become my morning ritual and meditation. I wake up excited to go to work in the field. Once I park my car in the clearing on the edge of her (it's a girl field,) the saplings and pricker bushes look radiant and I swear they are calling to me, directing me to where the work will happen today.

Most astonishing is my stamina - when my mind is empty, or I am silently chanting - I have astonishing stamina. I go like a bat out of hell!! And I don't get tired, or sore - anywhere. But the moment I have a worried thought, or a negative thought, or gossip is running through my head, my back starts to feel like it will cramp up!! I immediately clear my mind and once again I am good to go - my body is immediately relaxed, refreshed and strong. It's feels just like a Kundalini Yoga kriya, just like when I am in the "yoga flow" and I can sustain postures/movements for what seems like an eternity with ease.

Well, I always said to my yoga students that what we learn on the yoga mat is practice for real life. So here it is: breath and mantra and posture and movement in the fields is effortless and fills me with joy!! The energy (Shakti) flows through me and I get the job done. This level of intensity lasts for about two or three hours, and then I just know that it is time to stop. I work with no breaks, and my stamina is driven by a force of focus and enthusiasm and love. It's like I am on fire!! Watch a video of Nectar Farm

Here's some photos from today. xo Susan

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