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Just ask the moose

Nectar is a place where I find sanctuary. It is a habitat for many sentient beings. And there is always something arising in the moment that I could never have predicted. Of course, all places in life present conditions we weren't expecting, or wanting or on the other hand, where we live can offer beneficial gifts when we least expect them.

Life's relentless flow of changing change changing with every breath can get overwhelming at times.

Startling humbling hilarious even devastating change that brings you to the edge of your ego is experienced differently here at Nectar because the trees are adept listeners, and they magically absorb your stressful thoughts and release those thoughts to the wind while your bare toes drink up the oxytocin in the soil. In that open moment the flowers, who have learned to speak to you, whisper gentle jokes that dissolve silly thoughts that once were fear.

Your hands can't get enough of the feel of leaves, berries, moss, dirt, stones, trees, flowers, water and your own skin. The feel of your own skin is a portal, no thinking here, your skin feels into galaxies and moons and the dark night that is just as comfortable welcoming the sun to warm your ears and nose and tongue. Nectar can't help herself, she delights because the lay of the land suspends time - so much so that changing change seems to stand still and we now see change as constant stillness. We ride the change ahead of itself, doing backflips and standing still all at once because time isn't linear here.

Just ask the moose, and deer and bear and birds and squirrels and the pool in the stream where they all gather.

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