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The Mermaid is Pregnant and Praying

The light is oceanic today... with wet air the mist and magic are held by the falling water sounds. Florescent green grass appears to swim along the dark spring earth outside of my studio and two yet-to-blossom trees look like spirit nymphs to me ... and also maybe like seahorse bones dancing back to be cradled in the depths.

And the mermaid is pregnant and praying. It wasn't my idea, she birthed herself that way in my underpainting sketch. I like her. I love her sketchy oil pastel presence. She is so vital and strong; it is a miracle she appeared like this - with fully formed bones and ready for me to give her the blood and flesh of paint.

This activity, this engaged work, this present-moment-awareness-connecting-to-something that already knows before I even do this is grace. Is fun. Is humbling. Is why I breathe. Really.

Inspiration! Niagara Falls foam, mist and spray

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