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What will happen if you don't reach your GOGO funding goal?

This question was asked of me earlier this summer by a potential backer for the Nectar Farm Indiegogo campaign. I replied, "Things will happen more slowly." They didn't contribute. My answer now is based in what is happening as I walk it out . . . and the answer is a surprise to me! My answer now is: The amount of money the campaign raised, close to $3000, truly "kickstarted' Nectar Farm! Thank you so very much to everyone who donated, and to all who expressed joy and encouragement for our vision of art in nature!! And your "perks" will be mailed out soon.

We were able to hire "Kid You Not Goatscaping," which was a highlight of the Spring to have Amanda's adorable goats clear brambles and poison ivy in the North Field. Priceless!! And the rest was used for maintenance of the loooong 1/3 of a mile dirt driveway, and other essential tasks (like gutter cleaning) that prepared Nectar to function as a place for lodging in a peaceful place surrounded by nature and art - the first step of sustainability - so that classes and events can follow. We are looking at dates for Aaron's first house concert TBA. Yes, our goal was for a lot more money and yet what was raised was perfect in ways I could not have imagined. First of all, I was not able to hire people to accomplish land clearing to preserve views and uncover an overgrown blueberry field, so I did it myself, and it went more slowly than if I had hired several professionals - 2 months verses a week or so . . . and WOW, the benefits of going slowly and of doing it myself revealed magic and mystery that has laid the foundation for Nectar Farm.

I have always loved and appreciated the verdant beauty of our hidden hilltop in Lyndeborough, but something new began to happen. I approached each plant, sapling, weed and flower with open asking - I didn't just cut things down, I let myself be led to an area and discover what was living there - and it was as if some plants reached out to me, asking to be removed, while others were clearly beneficial needing to stay put. Each living plant was considered individually, and I felt an active conversation develop between us. This way of communicating with the living intelligence of a plant was new for me on this scale, day after day for months, and not only did we collaborate on the best way to create a blueberry field or to open space for spectacular views, but wisdom began to download to me from the elemental world, and this exchange continues to be breathtaking!

(I am going to bring my iphone in my pocket as I continue to work in a new field, so that I can record the messages and insights, which I receive.) So, I will begin to clear the West field of saplings that before you know it would obscure the views . . . and I carry my friend's words with me: Sandra Harrick, who is one of the wisest wise women I know, said that she feels that not only does the clearing allow us to look out on the expansive mountain views, but it allows light in to warm the earth, and lets the stars and moon and celestial beings look in on us. We see and are seen. Slow and quiet, and being receptively active are the result of not meeting our funding goals. What a blessing! Thank you.

Nectar Farm lodging:

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