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Abundance | Sound Reverberates

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

My paradigm has shifted. Like really shifted. Like being super clear after disorientation shifted. And while confusion is still lifting, here's an example: I am getting ready to make sculptural paintings to put in the fields and woods around my home. At first I thought it was simply because of covid-19 and staying put at home as the virus rages on. But it's more than that. I thought it was because galleries were shutting down and so I might as well exhibit right where I am. But not just inside...I wanted to exhibit outside - in the rain and snow, with the insects and animals, in the dirt and air - full on completing the work by positioning it outside. I liked the idea of the work being influenced and then changed, outside of my control, by the natural world surrounding me. And that is still all true! But it's more than that....I also don't want this work to be celebrated in sterile environments. I am not interested in putting it in buildings that feel cold. I am not putting these artworks in a box - literally into box-like rooms - and that's the thing, that's the shift... I would do this even if the pandemic wasn't happening! I want the work to leave my studio and collaborate with weather, elementals and animals. And I will digitally document the changes over time. So now, without the ability to visit in person to talk and share work with most friends and artists I know because of covid protocols, I am emerging and expanding into a freedom that will take center stage wherever I am. And, for the foreseeable future I am in the woods and fields and streams of New Hampshire in the midst of a worldwide pandemic that is sadly ramping up again.

I just picked a card from The Dakini Deck and prompted, I ask myself, "Which dream has been in contact, asking to be noticed, perhaps to grant a prayer?" #dakinideck #oraclecards #ancientwisdom #contemporaryart check out The Dakini deck

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